Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tap This

NaBloPoMo May 2014
My water consumption (and resulting hiatus from society) continues. Before I began my life as a camel, I tested out a bunch of different water bottles to tote my water around in (since my usual coffee mug doesn't really work here). I have avoided plastic since I'm not a huge fan of plastic both in terms of the chemicals involved and its impact on the environment. I tried stainless steel but couldn't find one that made me happy. I hate the sports tops. The open tops were all too big and resulted in me slopping water down the front of my shirt (very classy).
I took a chance on some glass ones on Amazon and angels sang, confetti rained down, the sun came out...

Maybe it wasn't quite that dramatic, but I did find the perfect water bottle. I LOVE it. And since we're spending so much time together now, I'm glad I found one that I truly love. Pick one up for yourself. Bottoms up!

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